Luceverde is a service carried out in collaboration with ACI Infomobility, instrumental company of the Automobile Club of Italy, which operates in the field of infomobility and which on behalf of the Institution, is responsible for organizing, coordinating and providing assistance and dissemination services in real time of information on mobility, both in urban and metropolitan areas and over long distances, combining technologies and different sources of information.

In addition, it provides infomobility services in constant collaboration with public administrations, broadcasters, media and relevant bodies, to improve road safety in the local and national territory.

Luceverde, a public service created by ACI Infomobility, is a public information channel that offers updates and alerts in real time on traffic conditions, road safety and mobility, paying great attention to all the criticalities of the territory.

Using the most modern technologies and thanks to the collaboration with Municipal Police, Traffic Police Authorities, Public Transport Companies, Civil Protection and other Institutional Bodies, Luceverde provides a state-of-the-art infomobility service with news about traffic, traffic, weather conditions, public transport and events from various sources on our platform. 

After the collection of data, the contents are disclosed in omnichannel mode via web, app, radio, tv, social, contact center and vocal assistant, ensuring the municipalities and citizens timely updated news.

The information collected by Luceverde on national mobility also comes from Floating Car Data: an intelligent traffic monitoring system based on gps technology.

The new portal and the new App Luceverde allow you to stay constantly updated and informed about all the events related to mobility in your city and throughout the country.

The objective of the Luceverde service is to provide citizens with support for decisions regarding everyday travel, making mobility more sustainable and innovative.

In the 28 cities covered by the Luceverde service, these are the services in detail: events impacting traffic, traffic situations, service areas, charging and parking along the route. Unlike traditional navigators, Luceverde provides personalized traffic reports, useful to plan any move. After choosing the route, you can activate navigation through active systems on your mobile.

All the services available:

- Traffic and roads : traffic conditions throughout the country;

- Smart & Vocal Assistant: access to all the latest news on the Luceverde infomobility, thanks to the skills of Alexa and Google Home;

- App: Luceverde is the official application of the ACI Infomobility, downloadable from IOS and Android through which you can access detailed and always updated information on mobility in Italy;

- Luceverde podcasts;

- freephone number: for information on traffic and public transport in your city, the free Luceverde 800.18.34.34 is available every day from 7.00 to 21.00, through an advanced voice recognition system, as well as specialized operators ready to provide support.